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San Diego County
Co-Dependents Anonymous

San Diego County CoDA Literature

CoDA Literature is available locally at the monthly Community Meeting or at Super Seminar Saturday events.

Our Literature Chair prefers to only sell and distribute literature at these times. So, when you might see him at a meeting, please thank him for his service, rather than asking him to mail, drop off, or have anyone pick up literature anywhere else outside community events.

Literature can be now be ordered online.  The order is sent to the Literature Chair, who will fill in online orders in time for the monthy Community Business Meeting.  About ordering online:

1) You can't pay for the order on-line; just pre-order for the community meeting.
2) In order for the Literature Chair to have orders ready in time for the community meeting, orders need to be submitted by Thursday, two days before the community meeting.
3) Please bring the payment for your order to the community meeting.
4) Here are some how-to's (pretty much in order)...
a) Fill out the top four fields of the form, so that the Literature Chair knows who this is for
Your email address is most important, in case the Literature Chair needs to clarify something with you.
b) Fill in the rest of the form
c) Double-check that your order is correct....
d) If there are any errors, make the changes and click "Recalculate."
e) Click "Print" to print a copy of the form.
f) Click "Submit by Email."  This is emails the form to the Literature Chair..
g) Bring the form and the payment to the community meeting.

Click here to order online.
**The order form has been disabled until a literature chair has been found**

Addiitionally, order forms may be obtained by attending the Community Meeting, where most literature is immediately available.

You can also order literature from CoRe®, CoDA Resource Publishing, Inc.®