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San Diego County
Co-Dependents Anonymous

San Diego CoDA's phone line is 1 (760) 215-9060

Community Business Meeting

Everyone is invited to the monthly business meeting.


Third Saturday of each month, from 10 AM until noon.


Mira Mesa Presbyterian Church, 8081 Mira Mesa Blvd, San Diego, CA

FROM I-805:
Exit Mira Mesa Blvd. East
Right on Reagan Road.
FROM I-15:
Exit Mira Mesa Blvd. West
Go past Camino Ruiz.
Left on Reagan Rd. (2 lights past Camino Ruiz).

After you have turned onto Reagan Road,
First RIGHT onto Berwyn Rd.
RIGHT into First (Church) DRIVEWAY.
Enter the hallway between the main church (on the right) and the classrooms (on the left).
The meeting is in the church.

Our Purpose:

To gather together CoDA volunteers each month, and share our experience, strength and hope as we serve the community. This is where the business of running CoDA is handled. Matters that affect the San Diego CoDA Community, are brought to this meeting, discussed and voted upon.

How do we serve?

These are different ways that share the message of recovery. These all require care and feeding.

Matters that affect the CoDA Community, are brought to this meeting, discussed and voted upon.

Who attends this meeting?

This meeting is open to the public, and is noted in our newsletter, on the telephone line, as well as here on the website.

Why would I attend?

You are interested in matters that affect the CoDA Community.

What is the procedure to address the group?

Write a motion on the yellow slips provided, and submit to the Parliamentarian.

Are there time limits?

Yes. Our Parliamentarian will keep any discussion to 2 minutes. Motion to extend time limit must be approved by our group conscience.

Who can vote?

Our community decided that the officers, chairpersons, group representatives that attend regularly are eligible to vote. The Community Representative and Parliamentarian are exempt from voting.